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Medicom Kira Yoshikage

Medicom Kira Yoshikage published on No Comments on Medicom Kira Yoshikage

The character designs for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are just so much fun! As all 3 of my regular readers know, I originally succumbed to the temptations of the Medicom dolls of this series when I got Anna, who started off life as a Jolyne. I have now found another Medicom doll from the same line whose awesomeness nearly equals that of Jolyne’s: Kira Yoshikage. He comes with two heads — one with wavy hair and the other with spiky hair — and a fucking purple tuxedo. He’d make a great butch dyke, especially with the spiky hair!

He’s not so awesome that he’s writing himself into Zombieville, though.

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