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Béatrice’s makeover and some 1:6 scale candles!

Béatrice’s makeover and some 1:6 scale candles! published on No Comments on Béatrice’s makeover and some 1:6 scale candles!

I redid Béatrice’s faceup over the past few days, as well as her hair. She used to have a faceup in unsealed Prismacolor colored pencil and no hair at all. Her faceup wore away with handling, however. I also found her blindingly white skin difficult to photograph. To cut down on the amount of blindingly white skin she shows, I made her a coordinating wig when I redid her faceup.

Faceup consists of the following: brown watercolor pencil for eyebrows, lashes and shading around nose, neon purple over neon pink acrylic for eyeshadow, neon pink with neon purple line for mouth, pink colored pencil for blush. Wig is faux fur with a blue 1" base, originally with 3" pink and purple spikes. I trimmed the spikes down to 1" as well and gave Béatrice bangs.

Everyone in Zombieville achieves a minimum level of loud tackiness, but Béatrice is especially loud and flamboyant. I mean, she wears neon lipstick, for shit’s sake! She also chooses, as a cancer survivor who has lost her hair to radiation, to wear a tricolor wig. Plus she is actually really loud and pushy, in part because she is used to being literally overlooked.

She still needs her chandelier earrings.

Hanging out with fellow tacky badass Isabel.

And here’s a closeup of the 1:6 scale candles that dlsarmywife [Deborah] on Figurvore made for me. I traded her a Life in the Dreamhouse Teresa for some of her amazing polymer clay miniatures. She specializes in single-color pillar candles, but I requested a rainbow pillar candle and some unusual experimental shapes and styles. Here are the results. I especially like the rainbow pillar candle and the twisted candles bound by the same wick.

Deborah also made some glue sticks for Isabel’s 1:6 scale glue gun [which I have yet to make]. The glue sticks are at the far right in a little bag.

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