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Yamarrah’s wig construction [with bonus Jareth!]

Yamarrah’s wig construction [with bonus Jareth!] published on No Comments on Yamarrah’s wig construction [with bonus Jareth!]

Made another draft wig this morning out of pink fibers, cutting them with the grain so that the hair pointed down. I rolled under less of the edges so that this one was a bit bigger than the first draft, but still snug. Yamarrah models in the first picture, Jareth in the second.

Confident that my pattern would fit Yamarrah, I cut out her final wig from the yellow base fur with red and orange spikes. The third picture shows her hair before styling. I then saw that her hair sat high on her forehead, so I experimented with the addition of a widow’s peak. The last picture shows her current hair after the addition of Mod Podge and widow’s peak, a separate triangular piece of fur that I stitched in.

I still want to give her little pieces of loose hair hanging in front of her ears. I am satisfied with progress so far, though.

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