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Fantasy TV I am no longer watching and also that I am still watching

Fantasy TV I am no longer watching and also that I am still watching published on No Comments on Fantasy TV I am no longer watching and also that I am still watching

Not watching:

  • Dracula. I can’t stand the concept of Mina as Dracula’s reincarnated wife. Why is this so interesting to modern interpretations? It’s boring and stupid, adding nothing to the story. 
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Jafar finally got a backstory in episode 4, but the whole business is moving too sluggishly for me to care. I don’t have enough interest to invest in a mediocre show.

Still watching:

  • Grimm. It’s so silly, but I love Monroe and Rosalee. Too bad Nick, the ostensible main character, has no personality whatsoever.
  • Haven. This show just keeps getting weirder. It started off as a Trouble-of-the-week show for the first season, but, ever since we’ve dug more and more into Audrey’s reincarnations and their ties to Haven, the loopiness has become loopier, with time travel, waystations between worlds and secret cabals pitted against each other for the control of Haven. I get the sense that the showrunners didn’t expect more than one or two seasons, so now they’re plotting themselves up a storm. I fear they might write themselves into some ridiculous corner, but so far everything is hanging together just enough to be convincing at a quick glance. I watch this just to see what the showrunners come up with next. I sure wish Audrey would develop some friendships with other women. If partners and family members from Duke’s past keep materializing, why can’t some women show up who were friends with Audrey’s previous selves? They could advise her.
  • Sleepy Hollow. It’s becoming just about as loopy as Haven.

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