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Lumberjack Fallow, king of Toxic Waste

Lumberjack Fallow, king of Toxic Waste published on No Comments on Lumberjack Fallow, king of Toxic Waste

Here he is, folks — Lumberjack Fallow! He is a DAM Toys Nazi Officer head on some cheap AA male action figure body.

I customized Lumberjack’s head by painting it a slightly darker greyish brown than originally and adding open lesions at various sites. I also enlarged his pinpoint pupils and hot glued on some dreadlocks. Dreads are braided from three strands of black boucle yarn; he only had four because he’s mostly bald. [I should probably take pictures of him without his hat at some point.] I put satin gloss on his eyes, teeth and particularly bloody lesions.

Lumberjack’s coat, jeans and hat were weathered first with a soak in diluted brown acrylic paint. I distressed them further with black and brown chalk pastels. His sign is also stained with chalk pastels.

Cigarette is a cotton swab stick with a few layers of paper peeled off. I colored one end black with a permanent marker and the other end yellowish tan with a colored pencil, then sealed with matte varnish.

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