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Glamazon thoughts

Glamazon thoughts published on No Comments on Glamazon thoughts

The more I ponder, the more I realize that the Playtoy torso will not work out. Research on One Sixth Warriors shows that other nerds have had the squishy parts on their Playtoys wrinkle, warp, rip and/or crack. If I’m spending a ridiculous amount of money to make a highly specific body type, I do not wish to use expendable squishy parts in its construction!

I may be able to salvage at least the shape of the Playtoy bust, though, by making a cast or mold of it. Or I could just use it as a guideline for additive sculpting of my own on an undetermined base.

The Glamazon now has the following designated parts: Obitsu Regular Male arms, Takara CG hands, Original Effect legs and feet/shoes and custom scratch-sculpted head [to be made eventually].

What about a base? I could use the Original Effect body, depending on its level of torso articulation and its skintone. I could scrounge a Takara Cy Girl 2.0 from my raw dolls bin. I suppose I could even use a Takara CG 1.0, but I don’t like the single torso joint.

I really wish that the OE would come so I could see what I have to work with….

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