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Intellectum on my mind

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Since I’ve been dinking around with Daz recently, my thoughts turn to one of my most cherished digital projects, the Library of Intellectum. This was a fantastical library that I created in August, 2010, full of book wyrms, ghosts, ILL teleports, librarians with brains jacked into the catalog, etc., etc. I developed a core cast, as well as some key settings, but never started tying things together with a story. Nevertheless, I have periodically thought about which 1:6 scale dolls would embody which characters and also how I would make the sets. Recently I’ve updated those thoughts [last draft was in 2011]…

Our protagonist was originally a library assistant, but now I’m thinking that she’s a library volunteer [like me!]. That would give her much more of an excuse to wander, poke, get lost and go on tangents. I’m still hung up on the idea of getting a Dollmore Melissa Hon for her, although I don’t know how I’d do that, as I can’t support them as a cheatin’ BJD co.

The head librarian, originally the protagonist’s ultimate supervisor, was, in last iteration, a Lumedoll Lucas head on a masectomized Lumedoll female body. Now I’m thinking of an Obitsu Slender Male body and any old female action figure head — because I can mod it with Sculpey.

The special collections assistant, the protagonist’s friend, remains a Lumedoll Koit — with eyes modded to be larger.

The ghost, another of the protagonist’s friends, remains an Elfdoll Doona Ryung head, but now on an Alchemic Lab Unoa Light Azurite body.

The book wyrm is still a felted Chinese dragon with wire inside for posing.

Scanty Sophie is [given the unavailability of silver Takara Cy Girls] any old female action figure spray painted silver.

The "little fucker" is [given the unavailability of DreamHigh Squee] whatever goblinish limited edition BJD from DreamHigh I can get my hands on at that point. 

The doll is a Takara MicroLady Material Force figure in white with microscopically painted features.

Sets have changed a bit too:

Stacks are still bookshelves facing each other, making a corridor. I’m thinking at least four bamboo silverware drawer dividers would make good shelves, two to a corridor side.

Any places needing pillars can be provided with some from the wedding cake supply section of the craft store. Resin columns are also available in craft stores and the like as planter stands or just decorative elements.

EDIT: I just discovered that battery-powered tabletop fountains can be had for under $25.00. Thus I think that the Pierian Spring should be played by one with a simple design.

EDIT 2: I have decided that the reading tables in the stacks are lit by miniature lava lamps — USB power optional — and little articulated lamps [available under "Tiny Tim book light" search terms].

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