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It’s snowing out, and Jareth ain’t happy.

It’s snowing out, and Jareth ain’t happy. published on No Comments on It’s snowing out, and Jareth ain’t happy.

Even the digital version of him is grumbling…. :p

Details about Jareth’s base figure[s], morphs, texture, make-up, hair and glasses can be found elsewhere, except for the hair is Amarseda this time. From top to bottom: Collar is a freebie from 3-d-c for Victoria 3. Poofy arm thingies are freebies from Ghastly’s Maid in Canada for Genesis. Top and hot pants are from Wilmap’s freebie Hipster Shorts and Top for Genesis. Corset and thigh straps are from SickleYield’s freebie Impractical Rogue for Genesis. Boots are dx30’s Thick Sole Boots 3 for Genesis. Glittery textures are from nikitanights’ freebie Sequence Sparkly Texture Tiles. Pose is from Schlabber and cascarda’s eXpressions for V3, tweaked slightly by me. Background by me.

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