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3D freebies: Loud Fabrics 03 Shaders for Daz Studio

3D freebies: Loud Fabrics 03 Shaders for Daz Studio published on No Comments on 3D freebies: Loud Fabrics 03 Shaders for Daz Studio

Loud Fabrics 03 Shaders for Daz Studio

Daz Studio only

Tested only in Daz Studio Pro 4.6 64 bit.

This is a set of 40 shader presets featuring seamless, tiled, boldly printed fabrics with eye-catching patterns: Blue Bubbles, Blue Maze, Cool Discs 01, Cool Discs 02, Cubes&Curves 01, Cubes&Curves 02, Cubes&Curves 03, Green Bubbles, Green Diamonds, Magenta Tropics, Pastel Diamonds, Pastel Squares, Pink Maze, Pink Swirlies 01, Pink Swirlies 02, Purple Bubbles, Purple Maze, Purple Squares 01, Purple Squares 02 and Purple Tropics. There are 20 different patterns, each in large and small tiling versions, for a total of 40 brain-breakingly brain shades!

An improvement on Loud Fabrics 01, Loud Fabrics 03 features bump maps!

These patterns were all generated and tweaked in PatternCooler, Harvey Rayner’s awesome free Web-based pattern-generating Web site:

Use for whatever purposes you like, commercial or non-commercial. Just don’t repackage and call your own. Have fun!

You can see my digital artwork, as well as my other creative pursuits, at my blog:

If you do use any of my freebies in your work, drop me a line [ModernWizard at the Daz boards and ShareCG, ModernWiz on Renderosity], as I’d love to see what you make. Thank you.

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