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Recent significant developments in the digital realm!

Recent significant developments in the digital realm! published on No Comments on Recent significant developments in the digital realm!

In no particular order:

  • Underwear. Using Daz’ Map Transfer Utility, I down-converted my standard texture from V5 to V4, then stuck some of Lululee’s Lacey [sic] Lingerie on various parts so my digital dolls are always wearing underwear, especially under short skirts. Happily I have learned that multiple UV sets can coexist on a single figure, thus allowing me to maintain the V5 UVs for Jareth’s makeup, for example, but use the V4 UVs to give him some underwear. Thank God…I hate it when they go commando. :p 
  • Lighting. I’m slowly figuring out how to light my scenes to give them more realism and sense of dimension. I refuse, however, to do shadows, as they take too damn long. So my people look like they’re hovering above the floor, but at least they don’t look like paper dolls anymore.
  • Finally some good basics. LilFlame, one of my preferred vendors of kinky stuff, is having a 40% off sale at Renderotica, which I am not linking to because I dislike their landing page. I took advantage of it to purchase the cuffs, collar and corset shown below.
  • Advances in hair texturing. I figured out how to put stripes and patterns in hair! Mwah hah hah hah!

Just to illustrate my stupendous accomplishments, here’s Jareth, being a gleeful dork as usual. ^_^

Credits: Usual sources for Jareth’s morphs, texture and glasses. Hair: Glam Ponytail for Dawn by Hivewire3D. Texture uses a free tile by MSTene, altered in Photoshop Elements by me. Jareth and I both think it’s so cool how the ponytail came out in different colors! I didn’t intend that; it just happened serendipitously. Collar, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs from LilFlame’s Heavy Cuffs for V4. Corset, bra and dubious excuse for a skirt from LilFlame’s Buckle Corset for V4 set. Underwear [not shown] from Lululee’s Lacey [sic] Lingerie for V4. Shoes from dx30’s Shoe Pack for Genesis 2 Females, shaded with one of Fisty’s freebie Fisty’s Rainbows.

Expression by me, mostly from AlFan and smay’s custom expression morphs, Temptation and Drama for G2F, a wonderful addition to my runtime, with a wide variety of smiles, smirks, eyeball rolls, shit-eating grins, etc. Pose from Sedor’s BWC Fashion Poses for V6, which I got as a Platinum Club Plus freebie earlier this week, along with Sedor’s BWC Runway. Clearly I need to have a digital fashion show! [Jareth: "Fashion show whooooooooooooooo!"] Background by me.

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