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Aggressively saving for a new computer

Aggressively saving for a new computer published on No Comments on Aggressively saving for a new computer

I’m currently eyeballing a Toshiba Satellite L75-B7240 laptop, which comes with 8 GB RAM, expandable to 16 GB. I currently have just 8 GB of RAM maxing out my laptop, so that base 8 GB + the 4 GB that I added to my current laptop would be a significant improvement in my ability to RAM things. After poking around, I’ve discovered that 16 GB seems to be the current max for laptop RAM, so I’ll have to content myself with that.

Other specs include a 1600 x 900 px, 17.3" diagonal screen [equal to current], a quad core Intel i5 processor [equal to current], 4 USB ports [+1 from current, thank God] and a 1 TB hard drive. That’s a lot of space, but, as Janna observes, computers tend to slow down when their drives approach 50% capacity, so 1 TB is probably good.

This computer also runs Windows 8.1 hissssssssssss, but at least I can change the UI style back to a "desktop with icons" style instead of the Windows 8.0 "space-hogging tiles" style.

I realize that I can purchase this computer through Amazon and use some Amazon gift cards I’ve been racking up! ^_^

New computer fund contents
Cash: $220.00
Amazon: $17.45

Still no closer to my ultimate computer goal of achieving a) a fully functional Commodore 64 with b) a fully functional, full-size joystick and c) an accessible place to put it so that d) Jill and I can play Jumpman together [again]. I mean, I have Jumpman, but not a, b, c or d. Waaah.

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