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Today I figured out how to rig conforming facial hair so that it follows a character’s facial expressions, and I also acquired an add-on to my Instant Makeup called Geisha Builder, which should more accurately be termed "Additional Makeup Options Vaguely Inspired by Some Ahistorical, Exoticized Western Concept of Japanese Geishas." Hey, I just bought it for the additional lipstick and eyeshadow options.

Results of both facial hair rigging and Geisha Builder use below. I’ll say it again — if only putting on actual makeup was this easy…sigh… Anyway, here’s Jareth, continuing his long-standing tradition of rockin’ the hell out of whatever I put him in. He could probably make a wet paper bag and some old apple peels look smashing… [Jareth: "BLECH! Put that in the trash!"]

Credits: The usual for Jareth’s base figure, morphs and textures. Hair: Soto’s freebie Shaved Hair for M4. Makeup: Mostly DraagonStorm’s Geisha Builder, with some enhancement from DraagonStorm and Zev0’s Instant Makeup for V5 UV Sets. Facial hair: Daz’ Millennium Beard for M3, ported up and rigged with Daz Studio tools by yours truly to conform to G2F expressions. Visible portions of outfit: Biscuits’ freebie Slit Throat Choker for V4 and KimberS’ freebie skeleton texture for AxeSwipe’s freebie V4 T-Shirt. Matching freebie pants, also made by AxeSwipe and textured by KimberS, fabiana’s super-nifty Bonellusion bracelet/jewelry/restraint things, crotch jewelry from Adzan’s freebie Solar Solace for H3 and Mytilus’ Free Sole high tops for V4 not shown. Pose: Easy Going for M5 by FeralFey, with MockeryIrony2 expression from AlFan and smay’s Temptation and Drama for Genesis 2 Females, combined with TongueOut from SimonWM’s Expressions and AniBlocks for G2F.

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