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Timonium and Submit encounter bunnies!

Timonium and Submit encounter bunnies! published on No Comments on Timonium and Submit encounter bunnies!

I saw some chocolate rabbits in Costco today, packaged in their own little wooden hutch with fenced-in sides, surrounded by felt grass, ladybugs and butterflies on the outside. It’s a surprisingly well-made piece, with a magnetic closure on top, a hinge on the lid, then three sides + top covered in wire mesh. Besides the felt decorations around the outside of the box, there’s also some shredded green paper in the box pretending to be grass.

Because I like Belgian chocolate and cool packaging, I purchased a box. Then some of my dolls found it…


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Now that I have finished off both the photostory and the bunnies, I am thinking that I will use the packaging as a terrarium for Chaz’ Russian tortoise Dandelion. It may be a little on the small side, but the front is just closed off with clear plastic, so I could make an addition there.

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