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Isabel’s improved poseability and nifty pop-out torso!

Isabel’s improved poseability and nifty pop-out torso! published on No Comments on Isabel’s improved poseability and nifty pop-out torso!

Someone on MWD asked for dressed shots of Isabel posing, so here they are. Standard stuff, really. Insert your own witty captions here because I’m too tired to make them.

She can balance in a lunge without falling over.
She can hold her nose.
She can strike a pensive pose.
She can look thoroughly unimpressed with your bullshit.

I really like the torso articulation she has, which I didn’t really detail in my discussion of her mods because it’s not really a mod. Because she’s strung from head to ankle posts, all her sections in between are essentially free-floating, kind of like beads on string. It’s only the tension in the elastic that keeps her bound together as a doll. Because the elastic has some give, I can separate sections of her body without completely breaking her apart. Thus I can pop her abdomen piece, for example, halfway out of its hip socket to help her distribute her weight better.

The ability to pop her torso joints comes in handy in these next few pictures, where Isabel crouches, leans, and otherwise does things that she would have tipped over from earlier.

“Wait…where did that doll head go?”
“I’m going to be sick if I have to eat more brain muffins.”
“Really sick.”
This is what’s happening under the shirt. Well, okay, I did a little modification on her torso joint. I added a ledge of two-part epoxy [grey] so her popped-out joint would have something to brace against. That was too small, so, when I wired her from mid-torso down, I used the tops of the plastic-coated wire [green] to extend the ledge.

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