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Thalia is pretty much done.

Thalia is pretty much done. published on No Comments on Thalia is pretty much done.

Sure, I’m going to give her some lighter eyes eventually and make her a brighter shirt, but this is pretty much her final look.


Most of Thalia… From head to toe, she’s wearing a posture collar from the Dollheart Hell Queen outfit, a blouse custom made by Pansy Fashions to look like Sarah’s in Labyrinth, some stretchy black leggings from I don’t know where, and a pair of hilarious black loafers with skulls and crossbones on them [not shown]. Her head is an NS Immortality of Soul Infernale on which I opened the eyes a bit more. Faceup by me. High-dome glass eyes from unknown maker — they came with Araminthe, direct from B&G Dolls. Her body is the discontinued Angelsdoll massive girl body in Volks compatible NS with the appalling nipples sanded down [by me]. The IOS Infernale head is intended to go on one of those ridiculously muscular 80 cm bodies, while the Angelsdoll massive girl body is about 63 cm high, so she does look bobble-headed. Fortunately, the posture collar adds bulk to her neck, and the baggy shirt camouflages the comparative narrowness of her limbs, as well as the ugly, blocky joints.
Thalia shows off the detailing on her hands [handiwork?]. The idea is that she did all her body decoration herself, so of course it’s messy and asymmetrical.

I was complaining earlier that the blacks and magentas in Thalia’s faceup seemed flat to me when I was applying them. In photos, though, they really work. The black doesn’t look chalky at all, and the magenta really pops! In a beneficial side effect, blocking out most of her nose with black makes it appear less distractingly huge.
I do all my faceups with paintbrushes [as opposed to an airbrush], so I automatically add brush strokes and texture to all my paint jobs, whether I intend to or not. In this case, the imperfections in the layers of white paint on Thalia’s face actually work well, as they give the illusion of unevenly textured skin. Note that her unpainted teeth, while a little on the yellow side, look pretty good without additional coloring. She looks like she’s thinking, trying to remember something. “Uhhhhhhhh…where did I put my cold cream?”
I did not expect my duotone palette and ghoulish concept to soften her features, but I think they do. For example, in this shot, you can see just how prominent her nose is; it’s practically an equilateral triangle! However, all the other activity on her face makes the schnozz less of a focal point. Additionally, I purposely painted rounded socket shapes , slanted toward the outside edges of her face, to counterbalance her rectilinear, closely set eyes. Works for me.
I decided to leave her bald, like Sardonix and Submit. She already has a lot going on in her facial area, and I think hair would just make her seem busier and overdone. Besides, I haven’t added her shirt of flowery skulls yet, and that’s going to be quite obnoxious. As over-the-top as I am, I do have my limits!

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