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Doll successes and frustrations this weekend

Doll successes and frustrations this weekend published on No Comments on Doll successes and frustrations this weekend

In successes, Submit’s Hujoo Wings body in apricot came on Friday. I narrowed the neck to fit her head socket, trimmed down the feet so they could fit into her glittery shoes, and wired her arms. The apricot plastic matches with the color of her resin well, and the proportions work very well; she now looks like she’s between 8 and 10 instead of between 6 and 8. With more evenly distributed weight, a jointed torso, single-jointed elbows, and double-jointed knees, she has much greater stability and articulation than she did in her original form.

Submit is now 23cm high and very proud of the fact that she has grown up. 😀
Growing up, however, does not entail any change in her behavior. In fact, now she’s better equipped to do all the running, jumping, climbing, and playing that she enjoys!

In frustrations this weekend, I got nowhere with the faceups I have in my queue. Delmar has everything but lips, and, after an attempt at painting her mouth, she still has everything but lips because I wiped the paint off. It was too lumpy.

Novella started off blank and primed, then ended up completed wiped. I did some eyeliner, but nothing beyond that. I seem to struggle hard with her headsculpt [Soom Romantic Uyoo]. It’s a beautiful sculpt, full of wonderful small details, but those same details make the painting much harder than… oh, pretty much anything I’ve painted. The intricate curves of her half-closed eyelids, as well as her deeply sculpted mouth, just end up frustrating me. I usually like to paint my dolls myself, but I’m sending her out for commission. GRARGH!!!

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