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December doll update: Novella gets new faceup and half a new body

December doll update: Novella gets new faceup and half a new body published on No Comments on December doll update: Novella gets new faceup and half a new body

In other news, I finished a body mod on Novella and got her back from the faceup artist with a new paint job!

Theophany on left is a Soom Uyoo on the default body. Novella on right is a Soom Romantic Uyoo who started off with the same body as Theophany before I swapped out her original lower half.

Side view of Theophany and Novella illustrates what I dislike about the default Uyoo proportions: needlessly long abdomen and a very flat sculpt overall [i.e., not much depth front to back].
Default Uyoo feet [left] are also extremely small compared to Novella’s [right].
Fortunately, I had a spare pelvis + legs + feet lying around that came with my Asleep Eidolon/Xagadoll mermaid Polly [in case I wanted to make her fully human]. As a bonus, the white resin of Polly’s extra parts matched reasonably well with Novella’s. I hacked off the top of the spare pelvis [round piece on the left] and sanded raw edges till it fit reasonably well into Novella’s original bust piece. Wiring from knees to neck keeps her torso from popping in either direction.
Here’s Novella with new faceup, new lower half, and new duds. Please ignore the oversize nature of her shoes — I was trying to make her body look more proportional! She is now 27cm high, instead of 29cm, her height on the old body — those 2cm came directly out of her abdomen. While her smaller size [and her hairdo] makes her appear younger, I am glad to have more realistic proportions for her.

And here’s a closeup of the new faceup by Buffdolls. After trying and failing to do something decent with Novella, I commissioned Buff to take over. Because the sculpt’s eyes and mouth are so big, I wanted a simple faceup that did not make either feature look larger. She has some serious yellow and green eye makeup, per request!

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