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“Links rechts gerade aus / Links rechts gerade aus…”

“Links rechts gerade aus / Links rechts gerade aus…” published on No Comments on “Links rechts gerade aus / Links rechts gerade aus…”

Soooooooo SeventhBard and Roland introduced me and Jareth to Oomph!, a German slammer band. They don’t have the musical, uh, oomph of Rammstein, but that have tons more humor and more fun, not to mention a scenery-chewing complete hambone for a lead singer. And none of the sicko Baudelairean perverted Misogynist DeathSex [so far]!

Naturally, I downloaded Oomph!’s Labyrinth. The song and music video together are clearly the result of a bangin’ threesome between Labyrinth the movie, Alice’s Adventures Underground, and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, the sexcapades of which were then followed by a viewing of Pan’s Labyrinth and dramatic readings of Blake’s Sick Rose, as well as Dickinson’s Me from Myself — to Banish, with Rammstein’s album Mutter for a little mood music, not to mention a compendium of knock knock jokes for a chaser. Yes, knock knock jokes. ^_^

Aaaaaanyway, in the immortal words of Howard Dean speaking to the Governor’s Institute class of summer, 1994, this song grabs me where I like to be grabbed, so I’m planning an accompanying photostory. Below we have Jareth as one of the players. Please ignore the shirt intersecting with the pants and all such crap.



“Klopf klopf, lass mich rein / Lass mich dein Geheimnis sein…” [“Bang bang, let me in / Let me be your secret sin…”]
“Keiner kann dir sagen wer die guten und die bösen sind / Mein verlornes Kind…” [“You can’t tell who’s good or bad / Oh my dear, you’re so fucked…”]

These pictures creep me out, but in the best way. I think much of the effect some from the fact that I captured something essential of David Bowie’s smirk on Jareth’s face, so it’s like seeing a ghost. Also Jareth’s Grim Reaper obviously survives on a combination of live human flesh and live human suffering, both of which it [the Reaper, not Jareth!] it clearly hungers for right now.


Jareth’s base figure and morphs already discussed. Mostly AgeofArmour’s V4 Skulduggery texture applied with CaymanStudios’ Legacy UVs for G3F: V4 geografts, except for RebelMommy and shellyw’s V4 RMSD Merchantbase irises and Arki’s G3F Lady Rune for the other eye parts, tongue, and inner mouth. Teeth texture and shape from AprilYSH’s G3F Talisken. G3F Aliza Hair 2.0 by meeeeeee. Posture collar from Husch’s V4 Six Strap Corset. Shirt collar from MEC4D’s G2F Disco Jumpsuit, shirt sleeves and vest from Adzan’s H3 Litho le Fae Esq, cuffs from Neftis’ G2M Lestat de Lioncourt. wilmap’s Gen1 Buckle Heeled Boots. Shaders from Khory_D’s Verne Trading Co. Pose from Capsces Digital Ink’s M7 Everyday. Expression by me, using primarily base G3F pose controls, plus a small touch of Cake One’s G3F Smile Delight. Flipmode’s Easy Environments Autumn for scene and lights.

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