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The Master, the Stylist, some Fiendish Devices, and some books

The Master, the Stylist, some Fiendish Devices, and some books published on 1 Comment on The Master, the Stylist, some Fiendish Devices, and some books

My first iteration of the Master is finished! Custom sculpted Roger Delgado head painted by meeeeeeee [note to self: skin color is a mixture of Plaid/Apple Barrel Colors/20556 “Medium Flesh” and Anita’s All Purpose Acrylic Craft Paint 11007 “Chocolate Brown”], Dragon action figure body, “Chinese suit” for clothing, gloves from some other action figure, shoes from Character Options Dalek Sec [the only ones that fit]. The Stylist, a fellow Time Dork, is a 2016 Holiday Barbie repainted by meeeeeeeee, Made to Move Barbie body, most of the MTM yoga outfit, and MC2 shoefeet. Bookcases are from @natalunasans. I made the books a few weekends ago with a perfect bound notepad for signatures and note cards or origami paper for covers.

Now that I have him all together, the Master definitely needs some improvement. 1) A better body with more poseability. 2) Gloved hands in molded plastic. These bendy ones are shit. 3) Decent shoes. 4) A decent suit. 5) Most importantly, his Domina carissima, Alison!

P.S. Hey, Master, you do know that’s Julian’s Device, right?


“Where is my Domina?” / “Dude, I have no idea. I just came to pilfer your library.”

“Which of my enemies was this?”
“Probably Yorick…” / “OMG, you are a fucking NERD!”

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I found your blog while looking up methods for modding elbows on Barbies…then realized you’re another huge Doctor Who geek! I’ve gone through every post tagged for The Master, and I really want to know where you got the Delgato head! I have a resin Patrick Troughton head that I got yeaaaars ago, but I’d love to get more DW people.

Also, since I’ve been really, really bored while working from home, I’ve been making dolls of all the Gallifreyian Chapters, including the ones from the novels.

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