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Alison Wonderland — commission for Triad Alpha by Peppermint Circus

Alison Wonderland — commission for Triad Alpha by Peppermint Circus published on No Comments on Alison Wonderland — commission for Triad Alpha by Peppermint Circus

A few months ago I approached Peppermint Circus on Etsy. She has a store full of BJD dresses with puffy sleeves, aprons, and A-line skirts. I wanted an Alice in Wonderland costume for Alison, a bitchin/Eric Barclay resin head on a Triad Alpha medium bust body, and Morgana’s work looked stylistically appropriate. She was also one of the few tailors I found who worked in 1:6 scale. I asked her if she took commissions and if she would be willing to sew for the Triad Alpha; she said yes to both, though she did not have an Alpha. I sent her one for modeling purposes, and we embarked on a collaboration of several months that culminated in the outfit that you see below.

I wholeheartedly recommend Morgana to anyone seeking custom tailored garments. As a collaborator, she asks many questions and provides pictures of options so that you can determine the scope and details of your project before she even starts drafting. She corresponds promptly and thoroughly, following up on everything. She’s also just a really friendly and enjoyable person to work with.

As a tailor, Morgana demonstrates a combination of high quality and attention to detail that’s just astounding. This commission included dress, pinafore apron, striped sock tops, bloomers [not shown], and two pairs of bikini briefs [also not shown]. Everything fits perfectly and represents exactly what I specified. I tend to be a little rough on my clothes, yanking and dragging to make them fit on the doll, so I’m pleased to report that the garments feature sturdy stitching and resilient construction.

I’m going to do a whole Alison slays the Jabberwock shoot when I acquire a vorpal sword pen and a Jabberwock, but, for now, here’s Alison in her Wonderland kit. As you can see, she’s very pleased, and so am I. Both of us enthusiastically endorse Peppermint Circus!

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