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Galleia of Atlantis faceup in progress

Galleia of Atlantis faceup in progress published on No Comments on Galleia of Atlantis faceup in progress

@firespirited was nice enough to give me an original Malibu Barbie head for the price of postage so that I could make a doll of Queen Galleia of Atlantis, a minor character from the Third Doctor Delgado Master DW adventure The Time Monster. While not truly accurate to the likeness of Ingrid Pitt, who played Galleia, the Malibu sculpt nevertheless captures something essential about her delicate features, not to mention the whole 1970s feel.

Galleia promptly took over the body and outfit of one of my Mattel WWE Superstars, Sasha. Okay, so that’s how we’re going to play it, huh? Here’s how she has been painted so far, with reference pictures below. This faceup was brought to you by spit, Prismacolor colored pencils, and diluted matte varnish — the tools of champions.

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