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Resculpting the Master

Resculpting the Master published on No Comments on Resculpting the Master

The Master is currently not smiling. I’d really like him to smile. Rather than print an entirely new head for him, I have decided to modify the existing head.

Here he is as currently sculpted. I’ve already modded him once [in the brow area], and he’s still going :|.

Here he is after I did a mockup of some changes in Photoshop Elements.

1. Lengthened right eyebrow in towards nose slightly, cocked, and moved up. Result: More asymmetrical, interested expression.
2. Changed angle of both nasolabial folds to be several degrees less acute, i.e., pointing less down toward chin and more sideways to jaw corners. Result: More alert expression, impression of longer upper lip.
3. Widened top sides of mustache to stretch along with upper lip. Result: Looks like his mouth is stretching with a small smile.
4. Widened lower lip. Result: Mouth is stretching in a smile.

Need to build up and bring forward the areas circled in both yellow and white. Need to sand better on areas with white slanted lines.

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