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Last of Girl body mods and a new smallerverse character

Last of Girl body mods and a new smallerverse character published on No Comments on Last of Girl body mods and a new smallerverse character

I got my Redman Toys Last of Girl doll yesterday. She was $136.00 in part because the company didn’t spring for fancy packaging. She came in a plain box with her name, but without graphics. Inside was a foam insert with three slots. In one slot was her body, dressed in most of her outfit. In another slot were extra hands, head, and hairpieces. The final slot held accessories and clothes. As someone who doesn’t believe in MIB, I was very pleased. Follow body mods below.

Last of Girl, named Ellie after her source of inspiration, came with a body obviously designed by someone who had no experience with either humans or dolls. Neck and torso are too long. Limbs are too short. Starting height ~22cm.
I mainly got her for her headsculpt, her clothes, and her accessories. Ellie offers an adorable likeness of the character in The Last of Us. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I like the balance between realism and stylization, as well as her thoughtful, worried expression. It is a weirdly small, narrow head, however.
Post-modification. I shortened the neck by 1cm and the torso by 1.3cm. It was a pretty easy mod. I popped the neck off and shortened it from the base, cutting with a new box cutter blade. I popped the abdomen apart, since it was also on easily removable ball joints, and took a chunk out of it. Then I drilled a hole in the new base of the neck and put it back on the post. I used heat mold plastic to secure the pelvis to the shortened torso. I removed one torso joint, but the under-bust one still works great. Post-mod height: ~20cm.
Before I shortened the neck, Ellie had no forward bend at her base-of-neck joint. Now, with her neck mounted more shallowly on the base-of-neck ball, she has impressive forward range of motion. Shoulders still too wide, legs still too short, but I’m not going to deal with them at the moment. I may eventually lengthen the legs by adding heat mold plastic at the ankles, however.
Compared to a 1:6 scale kid and a 1:6 scale adult, Ellie looks very small. In 1:6 scale, she’s like 3.9 feet high!
Ellie looks much more at home in the smallerverse, represented by Beck. She even has a resemblance to Beck, mostly in the hairstyle and expression. In 1:6.9 scale, she is 4 feet, 6 inches. Wow, she really needs longer legs.


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