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Timonium’s new wig — sigh…

Timonium’s new wig — sigh… published on 2 Comments on Timonium’s new wig — sigh…

In other news, I made Timonium three wigs this weekend. The first wig involved me sewing wefted red hair onto an elasticized size 4 wig cap. I did this with the hope of cutting and styling it to look like Jareth’s hair from Labyrinth. Unfortunately, I could still see the cap, the cap’s elastic, and the weft stitching at various points in the finished wig. In other words, it was not dense enough for my purposes. I don’t know how I could have made it denser, however, since there’s only so much room on the wig cap!


My second wig was made of red faux fur. Since I don’t have a sheet of red faux fur, I stitched together many small pieces from a multicolor piece of faux fur. Trying to keep all the pieces together and also trying to hide all the loose edges proved more trouble than it was worth. I threw that away.


In the end, I used my long pile VIOLENTLY PINK faux fur to make a simple wig from a pattern for Isabel’s wigs. It looks fine — the bright color contrasts nicely with Timonium’s dark outfit and shows up his pale resin well. I have hereby given up on making him a wig that looks like Jareth’s hair in Labyrinth.


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