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Mattel Thirteenth Doctor — overpainting the eyes

Mattel Thirteenth Doctor — overpainting the eyes published on No Comments on Mattel Thirteenth Doctor — overpainting the eyes

I’m working from pictures like the one below of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor:

Compared to the Mattel Thirteen doll, Jodie Whittaker has eyes that are more deeply set, with heavier lids, a more rounded shape on the top half, flatter shapes on the bottom halves, and more shading on the outer edges. This is what I tried to capture when I started repainting tonight. I overpainted the existing eyes, made them bigger, added thicker lips and outer-edge shadows, etc., etc. The larger eyes also keep the face from looking too long. Any small change I make on this doll vastly improves it. I first thought that there wasn’t much of a likeness there, but now I think that it’s decent, as Mattel celebrity sculpts go, and I should be able to raise the likeness to 75% by the time all my messy customization is done.

In other news, I don’t think I’ll swap the body out. I don’t want to risk getting another to match. I will, however, change the feet for flat feet and the boots for flat ones. I may also shorten the doll slightly.

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