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Mattel Thirteenth Doctor — alternative bodies

Mattel Thirteenth Doctor — alternative bodies published on No Comments on Mattel Thirteenth Doctor — alternative bodies

The narrow neck on my Mattel Thirteenth Doctor is bothering me, especially since Jodie Whittaker has a rather short, wide neck. Below, I stuck the Thirteen head on a WWE Fashion Superstar first, then a Takara Cy Girl body second. [Don’t blame me for the nipples. I had nothing to do with them.]

The WWE body has a shorter and wider neck. As a bonus, it also fits into the default clothes. As a minus, there’s no skintone match. As a plus, this is easily remedied, since there’s not much exposed flesh. Lower legs can be swapped from the default body or an Obitsu 27cm or something, as can arms…
Nice color match, but proportions are too superheroic. Clothes won’t fit either.

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