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Anatomy of a pile of junk

Anatomy of a pile of junk published on No Comments on Anatomy of a pile of junk

Conflict occurs when the chaotically organized Spymaster encounters Alison, an insatiably curious person who pokes at everything.

Alison: “Oooooh, what’s that?”

The Spymaster: “Don’t touch! I have everything organized. Besides, do you know how long it took me to balance all of that?”

There’s actually a lot of consideration that goes into creating a 1:6 scale pile of miscellaneous stuff. I generally alternated between flat, box-like objects as foundations with more vertical and unusual objects on top of them. I tried to create a stack that was visually engaging, with a variety of colors and textures. I also wanted it to be balanced and relatively solid, while also appearing precarious. I think my favorite parts are the fabric-wrapped Shoezies boxes, the rainbow one on the bottom and the skull-covered one in the middle.

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