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You could hurt yourself on those cheekbones.

You could hurt yourself on those cheekbones. published on 1 Comment on You could hurt yourself on those cheekbones.

…Which is exactly the effect I’m looking for. Armeleia has been sanding industriously away at Jareth’s left cheekbone [it’s on the right-hand side in the photos below]. She acknowledges that his right cheekbone [on the left side of the photo] is too large, but progress takes time. “He’s going to be perfect and symmetrical if it kills me!” she declares. Knowing her tendency for perfectionism, I think she might die before she smooths out his roughness. I jest. 😉 I think that, even now, the results are very promising. See for yourself below the cut.

He looks like he’s smirking, and he’s not even painting. Nifty illusion, huh?

Here you can see the smoothed-down cheekbone, much subtler-looking than in previous pictures. In later pics, we’ll see Armeleia blend the cheekbone additions into the existing face. Stay tuned!

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