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Doll plans change; Jareth gets a wardrobe.

Doll plans change; Jareth gets a wardrobe. published on No Comments on Doll plans change; Jareth gets a wardrobe.

I bought Jareth some spectacular duds [better than MINE]: a custom set of gloves from batchix, a pair of CheeryDoll mixed black shitkickers and a custom corset from Moggie’s Toyshop, where the fetish gear is so realistic that people think it’s for 1:1 people, not 1:3 dollies! [I despair of ever owning corsetry this cool.] If you care why Jareth just got a vast closet expansion, see below the cut.

I decided last night that I already have a Frank, albeit in 1:6, so a 1:3 Frank would be redundant. “Don’t mess with success!” I tell myself. So…no 1:3 Frank. With the money earmarked for 1:3 Frank, I am doing what I always wanted to do: get a Jareth doll and deck it out fabulously [which, in the BJD world, means EXPENSIVELY]. So I’m restarting the BJD hobby the way that I wish I had back in spring, 2004.

Of course I shall not direct ALL of DEDF to doll clothes. How silly do you think I am? I need a Uyoo too-yoo! No, seriously…I see a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of leggings on the horizon. Then everything falls right back into savings. Sigh.

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