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Boston Dollpa #1

Boston Dollpa #1 published on 2 Comments on Boston Dollpa #1

Mara [rdwayneright] hosted a BJD meet at her swank Brockton pad this afternoon. We took over the meeting room at her condo with our dolls [about 11 owners, 2 or 3 dolls a piece and a few SOs = a lot of fun] and our potluck luncheon. Then we sat around for five hours to make pornographic jokes while swapping doll clothes and wigs and posing them in [compromising] situations. After that, we were all exhausted because playing with dolls sucks up your energy, but in that good way. :p

Jareth tried on lots of wigs. He looks especially flaming in the orange fur one.

I also have no flipping place in my 1:6 universe for any sort of fairy-like creature, but [just for reference, not that I, you know, am thinking about getting one or anything] here is a comparison between an Elfdoll Tiny Adel next to Jennifer.


from Rosco

I’m with batchix on that one. Remember the only real sacred commandements: “Love, create, and….waste not.” That doll is way too wonderful to go to exclude from any universe.

Also – The orange wig really works. The pink is too much like Pink in her video for “Stupid Girl” and the green one makes Jareth look like Cher. (Though maybe that is what he was going for?)

BTW – I am SO HAPPY you are posting again!! I had missed your posts very much while you were taking a break there. 🙁

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