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The grieving cycle

The grieving cycle published on 3 Comments on The grieving cycle

Are you grieving the loss of a friend, a lover, your youth, your mentor, your home town, the person you used to be? My current radio addiction, WGBH’s Sound & Spirit, has quite a few episodes related to death and change. Start with Breakups and Nostalgia, which address the losses of daily life. Then move on to Aging and Facing Death as you approach a blatant confrontation with the loss. For the loss itself, play The End of the World. Then go into Mourning & Loss and Ghosts for when you feel haunted. To reconnect with your hope, finish with The Afterlife and get back to the joyful business of living the life that lies before you.

This entry is dedicated to my grandfather, who died a month before Christmas last year.


*hugs as well, and a wry smile* My father died on December 11th, nearly…is it three years now? Four? It doesn’t seem like so many. He never got to see the Christmas lights we put up for him.

I could probably have used this S&S cycle then.

Rampant Bicycle

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, have you ever heard of Kelly Link? Boing Boing was going on about her today, and when I investigated I found this – – which contains a Creative Commons-licensed version of one of her story collections. (The whole book!) I thought I would pass it on to you, though I am not sure why.

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