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Spam + peaches + broiler = fiesta?

Spam + peaches + broiler = fiesta? published on 1 Comment on Spam + peaches + broiler = fiesta?

An ad for "Spam Fiesta Peach Cups" in Family Circle, April, 1956, would have you think so. Even given some of the gloriously flamboyant casseroles of this period, this recipe still sounds like the half-baked brain fart of a desperate, hung-over promotions board hopped up on Vivarin.

"Shit. We were supposed to cough up that Spam recipe 2 days ago!"

"Um, um, um…Whatta ya got in the fridge?"

"I dunno…uh, half a can o’ peaches and a can o’ Spam and some ketchup. Yeah, I think that’s ketchup, though it looks a bit brown around the edges…"

"Throw it in the broiler until it starts to smell."

10 minutes later…

"Yeah, we can work with this if we put it in Technicolor…."

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