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Cory, my manananggal in progress

Cory, my manananggal in progress published on 2 Comments on Cory, my manananggal in progress

I got a box of about 8 dolls from Andrea today: 3 arti Barbie bodies, each with an Integrity Toys head, a Candi head, plus 4 or 5 Eversparkle male figs.

I picked up the Eversparkles so that minor male characters can have basic bodies. I also intend to modify one so that Margie, my fat doll, can use it for her body.

I picked up the Integrity Toys dolls because all of their playline headsculpts are extremely hot, but unfortunately out of print. I also thought that the strong, stylized lines of the Integrity sculpts might give me a basis for a doll of Cory, my manananggal.

These are the Integrity Toys dolls I bought from Andrea as they came to me. Andrea took this picture.

From left to right, they are Jade, Janay and Alyssa. Jade and Alyssa share the same headsculpt. To make Cory, I took Alyssa and sanded the hell out of her lower jaw to make Cory’s distinctively narrow chin. Here is a comparison of the unmodified Jade/Alyssa sculpt on the left and my results on the right.

Because Cory has a pointy, harsh face with sharp features, I used brown Prismacolor to outline her mouth, put bags under her eyes and give her frown lines between her eyebrows. She still needs the following: multiple facial piercings, explosion of blue hair, horns, big pointy ears and bat wings. She’s looking good, though.


Jade and Alysa have different sculpts, just not very different. (Mattel does this a lot, too, like with the vague differences between the Lea/Kayla ans the Angel/Goddess/VitC sculpts. I sometimes wonder if these toy designers are so involved with their products that they can’t ask anyone not involved in the design process if the different sculpts do, indeed, look different…)

I really like Cory with all of the modifications! Especially the shading around the lips. She looks much more capable of showing emotions (and sarcasm) now.

I’ll also note that your photo lighting is much better than mine…

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