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LHF Meanwhile 11: “Waste Disposal”

LHF Meanwhile 11: “Waste Disposal” published on No Comments on LHF Meanwhile 11: “Waste Disposal”

In which Alexandra, Anneka’s mom, catches Max, Anneka’s dad, using the toilet for an unusual purpose.

Comments: When we last left Anneka’s parents, they were on edge because of the declining health of Minerva, Anneka’s grandmother and Max’ mom. Alexandra tried to diagnose everyone’s emotional distress and forcibly promote family togetherness, while Max preferred to hide behind the Burlington Free Press. Apparently they’re still disagreeing, as evidenced by this, their yearly dispute over Max’ antidepressants.

This Meanwhile actually comes from the previous iteration of LHF, but I’ve updated it and moved it to the current version for several reasons. 1) I like the character development and details of Anneka’s parents’ relationship. 2) It gives me an excuse to show off my new kitchen set/backdrop. 3) Ever since the first version of this ep debuted 2 and a half years ago, I’ve wanted to get a Max doll to go with my Alexandra doll. Now both exist in doll form, and Max even has a wheelchair! 4) If I hadn’t linked to it, you wouldn’t have remembered the original anyway, so there.

Why yes, the Max doll does differ from the 3-D rendering of him. I rationalize this by saying that the 3-D rendering of Max portrayed him as inaccurately hairless because I couldn’t find an appropriate hairstyle or beard for him. The doll of Max accurately shows what he is supposed to look like. No, I don’t know why he has a dorky-looking hat on, but it runs in the family….

The kitchen is a Barbie My Home kitchen base customized by me. I added the paper towel roll, pot holders, tongs and towel rack. Many of the kitchen utensils are made by Re-ment, although I made the stuff in the pitcher [potato masher, bottle brush, scissors and wooden spoon] myself.

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