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Antique girl with purple eyes

Antique girl with purple eyes published on No Comments on Antique girl with purple eyes

So I’m getting another Kathlen from Dolls & Friends. No one seems to be buying her [except me], though the price has hit rock-bottom, and she’s so adorable. I felt sorry for the unpurchased Kathlens and yearned after them, mostly because the open-eyed face reminds me of a more mature Submit. Thus I made an offer to Dolls & Friends so low that I didn’t think they would accept it, but they did, so another is coming my way, along with some miscellaneous Rement cosmetics and bakery items!

Anyway, each Kathlen comes with 1 body, 1 head back and 2 face plates. 1 head back + 1 sleeping face plate went to Absinthe. Since she is on an action fig body, I have 1 open-eyed face plate + 1 Kathlen body left over. I’m not sure what to do with the leftovers; they might become a Very Young Will, or they might become an original character. Anyway, I dressed the extra Kathlen and gave him/her the open-eyed face just to see what he/she would look like. Antique girl with purple eyes below. Awwwww….


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