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Recent riddances and my philosophy about ridding

Recent riddances and my philosophy about ridding published on 1 Comment on Recent riddances and my philosophy about ridding

1 fleece glove lost 🙁
1 hat with ear flaps lost 🙁
1 pair of BJD hands sold
1 BJD blanket sold
1 pile of papers shredded and recycled
Total 5 riddances
Grand total 117 riddances

I suppose I should explain my ideas about riddances. No matter how large/small the space I live in and no matter how many/few things I think I have, I accumulate more things than I expect. These things collect in nooks and crannies of space, such as bookshelves, hobby drawers, closet shelves, under the bed. Basically, they stack up anywhere that it is possible to stash something and forget about it…or at least ignore it for a while.

I often collect things with the intent of using them. The Matchbox knock-offs are there because I thought I would do some photostories with Sardonix and toy cars. The non-articulated Barbies are in my drawer because I thought I could use them to rehair some of my 1:6ers’ heads. Those books are on my shelves because I thought I might reread them. However, I run across these caches a year or two later, and they are untouched, pristine and now irrelevant to my current interests.

Things also pile up because getting rid of things can take lots of effort. If I donate things, I don’t have a car, so heavy/bulky items must be transported to their new destination by hand on public transit. If I resell things, I must devote a certain amount of time to photoing them, advertising them, waiting for payment, shipping, etc. Sometimes temporarily ignoring my unwanted things and leaving them in storage is easier.

I also hang on to things because I value my emotional attachment to them…or at least I did at one time. When I come across a formerly sentimental object, I have to ask myself if I still want it as a physical reminder of its associated memories. Often I don’t!

Anyone who pays attention to this blog probably notices that, as I am getting rid of riddances, I am also talking about getting more things, mostly doll-related. I don’t think this runs counter to my ridding goals. I wish to get rid of the stuff that I no longer need, want and/or use, so I can have just the stuff that I need, want and/or use. I hope the net effect will be that I have fewer things, although I doubt it because Rements come with lots of small pieces!

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I’m the same way, accumulating things because I think I might use them, someday. (I get this from my parents.) Once I analyze why I have them and decide I could probably live without them, I find I never miss them. Even if I later realize I could have used an item, I still don’t mind that I no longer have it, because, hey, it can be replaced. (I gave away a Toyota Tercel full of cloth last year, via Freecycle, and don’t miss any of it.) I also derive a great satisfaction from getting rid of items, either via donation or sale, in which case the items will end up with someone else who will somehow use or enjoy them, or just plain admitting that, hey, this year-old stack of potentially useful cardboard might as well be recycled.

I’m looking forward to being able to donate all of my maternity clothes (once I get my waist back), but, that may not be entirely due to the joy of giving…

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