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Disabled spider rescued and rehabilitated

Disabled spider rescued and rehabilitated published on No Comments on Disabled spider rescued and rehabilitated

I love spiders, and I especially think tarantulas are pretty cool because they are hairy, so they look cuddly. Therefore, I found this story heart-warming. Basically the writer rescued a little tarantula from a swimming pool, where it was suffering brain damage and partial paralysis after being stung by a wasp and also falling into the water. The writer and friend nursed it back to health, even feeding it by hand because it couldn’t jump on bugs and catch them. It still moves slowly, but it can catch its own food now. Isn’t that great?

Incidentally, I’ve always suspected that, the smaller something is, the shorter its lifespan, true for birds, bugs and small rodents, for example. Tarantulas go against this principle, however. Though they are really big for spiders, they’re still small in the grander scheme of things, but they can live for decades. Longer than dogs and cats even!!

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