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Whose cat is that?

Whose cat is that? published on No Comments on Whose cat is that?

This perky little cat started hanging around our porch yesterday, rubbing all over the slats in the railing and rolling over so I could pet its belly. Its presence irritates both my landlord and her two indoor cats to no end; Leo and Zing, my landlord's cats, glare at the outdoor cat, while the outdoor cat lazes around on the landing. After hanging around for over 24 hours, it jumped up and bounded away shortly after I snapped this picture. We have no idea who owns it, but it looks well-fed, and it's known in the neighborhood as a friendly feline of unknown origin.

P.S. As a completely irrelevant aside, I just had one of these [Wicked Whoopies orange creamsicle whoopie pie!!!], and it was delicious. Fortunately I bought it from the local Shaw's without needing to order a dozen online. :d

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