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Heyo, Timonium!

Heyo, Timonium! published on No Comments on Heyo, Timonium!

Timonium arrived a few days ago, but I could not show how cool he looks because my memory card reader died. >:( Now that I have a functioning one, have some pictures of Timonium as he currently looks, unpainted.

While Flower reminds me of a little Sabik and Mellifer seems Pre-Raphaelite to me, Timonium looks very classical to me in the Greco-Roman sense. I love his serious little face! He has 8mm DD-Anne imperfect glass eyes in silver glitter.

When you buy a basic Soom Faery Legend, you get a human doll, magnetic wings and a pair of faery feet. Meant to replace the human calves and feet, these faery feet make the doll look somewhat like it’s en pointe. The faery feet add 4cm to the doll’s height and, naturally, given their pointiness, remove its ability to stand. I find the faery feet generally silly, as they remove 50% of unaided posing options [the other half being seated postures], so Flower, Ginevra and Mellifer do not have faery feet.

For some reason, though, I dig Timonium’s, maybe because they remind me of Hermes’ or Mercury’s winged sandals with feathery tufts on the back.



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