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It has come to my attention that I put Jareth’s Corset Thingie of Awesomeness on backward last week. We now present some detailed shots of the skirt without the corset getting in the way, as well as some shots of the corset the right way around.

Did I mention that he looks good in pink? Because he looks good in pink. Brings out the pink in his faceup. Makes him look brighter.

I’m thinking that the waist of the skirt needs to drop at least 1", maybe 1.5" [when hemmed]. As for the length down the legs, it’s perfect, but, if it’s rolled under 0.25" for a hem, it will be too short. Therefore I’m thinking that the length down the legs should extend 0.5" more [when hemmed].

The Corset Thingie of Awesomeness looks wonderful [especially now that I have it the right way around :p ]. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to close all the way, though.

Doofus needs some matching underwear.

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