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Dead version of Isabel’s head done!

Dead version of Isabel’s head done! published on No Comments on Dead version of Isabel’s head done!

The dead version of Isabel started off as a neutral Elfdoll Doona Ryung faceplate, shown here stripped of the default faceup.

I then removed some of the fats from the cheeks [shown below] and amputated most of the nose [after picture below was taken].

The whole concept of the dead version of Isabel is that she represents death, as well as Isabel’s fears of what she will become. As such, she has a skeletal body with no fat whatsoever. Her head does have some flesh, but her features are sharper than Isabel’s, and her face is painted in stark, stylized death’s-head makeup.

In contrast to Isabel’s bright, flamboyant style, the dead version dresses in a black T-shirt that says in white letters MORS VINCIT OMNIA [death conquers all] and a simple black skirt. While Isabel hides her salt-and-pepper hair beneath a series of wild wigs, the dead version just has grey hair.

I’m waiting on the skeleton body, so, in the meantime, here’s the dead version’s head.

I have yet to determine the character of the dead version of Isabel. I vacillate between giving her a name [Moriendi?] and a snarky running commentary or making her a silent stalker, seen only in peripheral vision or nighttime window panes. Either way, I know that she will spend many of her first appearances lurking silently, much to Isabel’s increasing anxiety and frustration.

Now that I think about it, it would be really cool to have her communicate solely through body language.

Isabel: "Goddammit — SAY something! Don’t go all Ghost of Christmas Past on me!"

Dead version: :p

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