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1:6 scale BJC [ball-jointed cat]

1:6 scale BJC [ball-jointed cat] published on 1 Comment on 1:6 scale BJC [ball-jointed cat]

Here kitty kitty! These are amazing! I would love to get one just to see if it can do the same positions that Babycat does: loaf cat, extend-o-feets, retract-o-feets, circle and florb.

EDIT: The artist also has an entry showing her 3-D digital models of the cats, as well as other headsculpts.

I was just thinking that it would be pretty funny to have a cat in one of my stories that talks, but only in phrases that are obviously translatable from the sounds cats make. I.e., the cat would never say, "I think it looks like rain" or "What’s the meaning of life?" Instead, you’d get a lot of "Is that food for me?", "Can I have some?", "I love you Mom!", "I’m bored," "I’m hungry," "Fuck off — I’m napping," "No, I don’t wanna move," "It hurts," "I’m scared," "Pet me," "Do not pet me," etc. ^_^ 

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