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NOPE! Not working.

NOPE! Not working. published on No Comments on NOPE! Not working.

I decided to improve Jareth’s faceup today. Since his body is out being fitted for fabulous clothes beyond imagination [!!!!!!!], Janvier Jett allowed him to borrow hers. First he borrowed her wig and glasses too. He has rocked her wig and a pair of the orange spectacles before, but him on her body with all her gear just strikes me as jarringly wrong. [I wonder what he’ll look like on Yamarrah’s Domuya Flexi body when it comes?]

He looks slightly better when he has his own hair.

But the proportions are all wrong! :'[ The neck is too short! The shoulders are too wide! Whhhhaaaaaaaaa! I can’t handle this!

Ahem…anyway… I threw some Prismacolor PC994 Process Red on his lips in an effort to make them less orange. I also added a dark brown line between his lips with watercolor pencil, then added some satin varnish. I did a quick crosshatching of Prismacolor PC929 across his cheeks to see how it would look as blush. Verdict: looks good. Still need to work with making the blush more permanent and fixing up shadows on inner corners of eyes.

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