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Epona rehaired

Epona rehaired published on 1 Comment on Epona rehaired

After I wrote my entry wondering what to do with her, I decided what to do with Epona. I finished rehairing her and stuck her on my CG 1.0 body with the broken ankle cup. She looks great! I have decided that I will transfer her calves/hooves from her old body to this body.

I had two goals for this hairstyle — to fully cover her head without bald spots and also to show off her cute little ears. To achieve the first goal, I cut the wig larger than needed to make sure it would cover her scalp. I used one of my draft size 4 wig patterns, stitched a center part, pinned it to her head, then styled it.

To achieve goal #2, I gathered the wild hair in front of her ears into two leather-bound ponytails, then pulled the rest of her hair from her forehead with two more leather-bound ponytails. Hot glue helped the ponytails lie flat, while ad hoc cutting ensured that the wig fit her head without too much bulk. I had to make little slits in the side of the wig to accommodate her ears! Hot glue keeps it in place.

Better view of her little ponytails. She’s adorable!

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