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For the Glamazon Project, I purchased, as I have mentioned, a Playtoy XL body, which arrived recently. I compared it today to my Cy Girl Bloody Rose body, formerly in possession of the largest 1:6 scale tits among my dolls. Playtoy’s tits are significantly larger.

I’m having a real problem with the greenish/greyish undertones in the Playtoy body, but I must confess that I really like the breasts. The sculptors were actually looking at real ones, as opposed to just slapping some plastic hemispheres onto the chest area. The attention to detail pleases me very much, especially the way that the whole breasts become a bit pointier toward the nipples, which are asymmetrical. I just have a problem with the drastic protuberance of said nipples.

I’ve been thinking about the nipples. For most purposes, none of my dolls need them, so, if they come with them, I just slice them off. [Ow!] These alarmingly poky nipples, however, afford me an opportunity for a nifty bit of experimentation in the form of chained-together nipple rings. Maybe I’ll get two Playtoy XLs just to have an extra bust piece to do the nipple rings and chains on.

More details on the realism of the squishy torso later.

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