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“I’ll take Invisible Suspenders for $500.00, Alex.”

“I’ll take Invisible Suspenders for $500.00, Alex.” published on No Comments on “I’ll take Invisible Suspenders for $500.00, Alex.”

This comic is my tribute to Adzan’s Solar Solace for Hiro 3, here modeled by Jareth. I try to determine the mysterious device that prevents him from dropping trou.

Standard credits on models, morphs and textures for digital me and digital Jareth apply. From top to bottom, I’m wearing Daz/SWAM/goldtassel’s Babs Tales with bangs provided by Kozaburo’s freebie Alice Hair, both with custom trans maps by me, the collar from MAB/WillDupree’s Catgirl for V4/A4 and corset, sleeves, cuffs, pants, overskirt, stockings and shoes from the wonderful Daz/Mada collaboration Just Jokin’ for V4/Genesis, which is my latest favorite outfit. [Comes with poseable jester cap, matching jester puppet and stage backdrop, not shown — best $12.48 I’ve ever spent {I got it when it was 50% off!}.] Jareth is wearing SWAM/goldtassel’s ElfDance Anime Hair and arm jewelry, waist jewelry, sash, crotch jewelry [har!], drapey leg things and slippers from Adzan’s Solar Solace for Hiro 3. Poses are from Schlabber and cascarda’s eXpression for V3, tweaked by me. Incredibly sophisticated backdrop by me.

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