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Jareth as Jareth in progress

Jareth as Jareth in progress published on No Comments on Jareth as Jareth in progress

Here’s Jareth impersonating his source material: the Goblin King from Labyrinth, as played by David Bowie. He’s still in progress, so he has no background or pose.

He still needs gloves, more accurate shirt cuffs, a pendant of some type and more accurate make-up, but he’s getting there!

Most of this outfit comes from free sources! The hair is a combination of two Kozaburo Messy Hairs [for the sides] with the Messy Hair ++ morphs expansion by Travis Casey. The top is made from elements of three ponytails from Aditi Hair for V4 by Propschick. Shirt bodice is from Adzan’s Ode Shirt B from Ode for Hiro 3. Sleeves are from Wilmap’s Blouson Top for Genesis. Cuffs are from Daz/Mada’s Just Jokin’ for Genesis and V4, and they are the only items I paid money for. Leggings are made with the application of a texture from Sickleyield’s Free Leggings for Genesis to Jareth’s pelvis and legs, with a SpandexHips morph to give the impression of fabric over body parts. Boots [not shown] are Wilmap’s Knee-High Buckled Boots for Genesis.

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