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Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 04/05/2014

Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 04/05/2014 published on No Comments on Chittenden County Vermont Doll Club meetup: 04/05/2014

Megan, Lyrajean, vermont chick and I showed up to the CCDC meeting last Saturday, where dolls outnumbered people:

I brought Janvier Jett, my Angelsdoll Ieseul Cat Avatar head on massive girl body with Dikadoll jointed hands. She played her guitar [seen in group shot] for everyone.

Lyrajean’s old standbys appeared, as well as some new folks. From top to bottom: Volks Yo-SD Kira, Alchemic Lab Unoa Sist, Customhouse Petite Ange Sariel.

Lyrajean’s freshly painted Hujoo Freya cat [right] pulled Megan’s robot [see details below] in a mini Radio Flyer wagon.

Three Iplehouse girls in red wigs include [from left] vermont chick’s SID Grace, Lyrajean’s EID Bibiane and Lyrajean’s EID Asa.

Details of Lyrajean’s Bibiane in an outfit made by Lyrajean herself.

Lyrajean’s DIM [Doll in Mind] Lloyd spent most of the time naked, in box, as he will be put on the market soon. No wonder he looked so petulant.

Megan brought her latest scratch-built BJD creation, a 1:6 scale robot named Lucy. Her back plate removed to show electronic components inside. She also had a flap on her forearm that opens to reveal more controls. Her eyes were supposed to glow in the dark, but we couldn’t find a dim enough corner of the meeting room to verify this.

vermont chick’s Iplehouse KID Lisa arrived in fullset vampire regalia [details not shown because I couldn’t get a good shot of them]. She tried to turn other BJDs of her scale into minions with varying levels of success.
vermont chick also brought, from top to bottom: Iplehouse BID Naias, Volks Yo-SD Ryo and Iplehouse SID Grace.
vermont chick made Ryo’s boots with cork soles, stretchy knit uppers and appropriate acorn buttons for decoration.

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