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Only Lovers Left zzzzzzzzzz

Only Lovers Left zzzzzzzzzz published on No Comments on Only Lovers Left zzzzzzzzzz

Well, this looks painful, even if it has Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston [acting ability dubious, as I have never actually seen anything with him] in it. I watched a trailer for it and nearly fell asleep. Blah blah blah black roses blah Byronically tortured musician with stringy-haired Weltschmerz blah blah blah regal androgynous lover blah blah long-term relationship of stormy passion blah blah blah more Goth stereotypes than you can shake a pentacle at blah blah love triangle when energetic little sister comes to town blah blah mopey mopey blah blood Popsicles snoooooooooooooore.

Well, okay, I actually liked the blood Popsicles…at least until the characters went all metatextual and starting discussing how odd they were. Look — I don’t mind people sitting around and talking, especially since it’s all my characters really do. However, when the people start narrating what’s obviously going on in front of their faces, I find it a tedious turn-off.

Kinda surprised these vampires didn’t die of boredom.

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