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I just found a cool new podcast, 99% Invisible, and kicked off my listening with the ep "Feet of Engineering," all about high-heeled shoes.

Provisionally I have to say that 99% Invisible rocks. It took a highly gendered subject — high-heeled shoes — about which the discussion can quickly devolve into "Why would anyone wear such painful and impractical shoes?" and addresses it with thoughtfulness, playfulness and even some historical perspective. In fact, the podcast’s view of high heels as a status symbol that, over time, has become increasingly sexualized, exaggerated and feminized [hello platform stilettos!], makes a lot of sense and explains a lot of the appeal of the heel. Bravo 99% Invisible!

Okay, I’m going to put my feet [clad in sneaker sandals] up on my desk, take a quick look at my 365 Days of Shoes calendar [filled with full-color photos of mostly high-fashion heels from the past few years] and then listen to some more of this podcast.

Platform stilettos!

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